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Test Management and Testing

Efficient test management and thorough testing are critical for ensuring the delivery of high-quality, reliable software solutions that meet user expectations and industry standards.

K2 is currently in the process of developing a Test Management and Testing capability. The capability is due March 2024 and will include the below:

Test strategy development including defining the overarching approach and goals for a software testing effort, considering factors like project scope, objectives, and quality criteria. It outlines the test levels, types, and techniques to be employed, as well as the resources and timelines for testing.

Test management is the ongoing process of overseeing and coordinating the entire testing effort. This includes activities such as test case creation, test execution, defect tracking, and reporting. Test managers are responsible for ensuring that testing aligns with the strategy and project requirements.

Test planning involves creating a detailed roadmap for executing the testing activities as per the strategy and management directives. It specifies the specific test cases, schedules, test environments, and resource allocation, ensuring that the testing process is well-organised and efficient.

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