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ICT Enterprise and Solutions Architecture

Enterprise architecture is a strategic framework that aligns your business objectives with your technology capabilities, enabling solutions that work.

Our Enterprise Architects focus on a holistic approach to designing an organisation's structure, processes, systems, and technology to support its business goals and ensure alignment across all aspects of the enterprise.

Our Solutions Architecture practice focuses on designing specific IT solutions or applications to address particular business problems, focussing on technical details, system components, and integration.

Our Data Architects organise and structure your data assets, defining data standards, and ensuring data quality and accessibility to support informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

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Vendor, Procurement and Contract Management

Our consultants assess ICT procurement needs, negotiate contracts, and manage off-kilter vendor relationships to ensure things get back on track.

Service Desk

Need to backfill your ICT Service Desk roles? We have qualified Level 1, 2 and 3 contractors here to help.

Cyber Security

With extensive experience in cyber security, we can help improve your cyber security posture through the development of risk management frameworks, policies, standard and incident response plans.

Content Management Specialists

Need to refresh your internet/intranet or any other corporate content? We have skilled content managers and editors that can turn their hand to any tasks.