BUILD - Project Professional

Programme and Project Management

Need a PM that can get the job done? Our PMs plan, organise, and oversee the execution of a project to ensure it is completed on time, to required quality and within budget.

We can deliver your change using the following process:

  1. Plan: We create a roadmap for the project, outlining tasks, timelines, and resources needed.
  2. Organise: Our PM will assemble a team, assign roles, and make sure everyone knows what they're supposed to do.
  3. Monitor. We keep a close eye on progress, making sure everything is on track and identifying any issues or risks that arise.
  4. Problem-Solving: When problems do occur, our PMs step in to find solutions and keep the project moving forward.
  5. Communication: Our PMs act as a bridge between team members, stakeholders, and higher-ups, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned.
  6. Budget Management: We manage the project's finances, making sure expenses stay within the allocated budget.
  7. Quality Control: Our PMs ensure that the project meets the required standards and quality expectations.
  8. Risk and Issues Management: Our PMs identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.
  9. Documentation: They keep records of all project-related activities, decisions, and changes.
  10. Closure: When the project is complete, they ensure all loose ends are tied up, and lessons learned are documented for future reference.

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