BUILD - Project Professional

Project Officer/Support

Project Officers are responsible for a range of crucial tasks that contribute to the successful planning, execution, and completion of projects.

At K2, our highly skilled Project Officers undertake a range of critical support services for your projects, including:

  1. Project Coordination: Coordinating project activities, ensuring tasks are completed on time and within budget, and facilitating effective communication between team members, stakeholders, and clients.
  2. Documentation Management: Managing project documentation, including project plans, schedules, status reports, and meeting minutes. They ensure that all project-related documentation is organised and accessible to the team.
  3. Resource Management: Assisting with the allocation of resources, including personnel, equipment, and materials necessary for project execution. This involves coordinating with various teams to ensure that resources are used efficiently.
  4. Risk Management: Identifying potential risks to the project and developing strategies to mitigate these risks. They may also be responsible for monitoring and controlling risks throughout the project lifecycle.
  5. Quality Assurance: Ensuring that project deliverables meet quality standards and adhere to established guidelines and procedures. This may involve implementing quality control measures and conducting regular quality assessments.
  6. Stakeholder Communication: Facilitating communication with stakeholders, clients, and vendors to ensure that project requirements and expectations are met. They may also be responsible for addressing any concerns or issues raised by stakeholders.
  7. Budget Monitoring: Monitoring project budgets and expenses to ensure that the project remains within the allocated budget. They may assist in tracking financial resources, expenses, and cost projections.
  8. Project Reporting: Compiling and presenting project progress reports to the project manager and other relevant stakeholders. This includes providing updates on milestones achieved, potential issues, and any changes to the project scope or timeline.
  9. Supporting Project Manager: Assisting the project manager in various tasks, such as scheduling meetings, preparing presentations, and conducting research. They may also help in making decisions and resolving issues that arise during the project.

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