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Content Management Specialists

Need to refresh your internet/intranet or any other corporate content? We have skilled content managers and editors that can turn their hand to any tasks.

K2 Content Editors and Creators can help in a range of scenarios including:

  1. Content Creation: Our Content Management Specialists (CMS) generate original content, such as articles, blog posts, videos, or graphics, that aligns with the organization's goals and target audience.
  2. Editing and Proofreading: Our CMS' review and edit content for accuracy, clarity, grammar, and style to maintain quality and consistency.
  3. Content Strategy: Our CMS' plan and execute content strategies, including keyword research and SEO optimization, to improve content visibility and engagement.
  4. Content Management: Our CMS' organise and manage content within content management systems (CMS) or platforms to ensure timely publication and easy access for users.

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Applications Development

Need a business-critical application developed or tweaked? We have application and database developers here to help.

IT and Cloud Engineers

Our IT and Cloud Engineers maintain your on premise and cloud infrastructure including cloud architecture and migration.

Change Management

Our Change Managers facilitate the process of implementing change by managing communication, minimising resistance, and ensuring successful adoption of new processes and systems.

Test Management and Testing

Efficient test management and thorough testing are critical for ensuring the delivery of high-quality, reliable software solutions that meet user expectations and industry standards.

Operating Model Development

Is your ICT function not functioning well? We can help re-baseline ICT delivery by developing an operating model that is fit-for-purpose for your organisation.